Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's it about?

Prepare ye for a lark as the Robin Hood legend is turned upside down in the award winning romance,

The King’s Secret Daughter

The secret daughter of King Richard the Lion-Hearted, Princess Robin leads her Merry Men against the tyrannical reign of Prince John. Feisty and fearless, Robin fights injustice as she awaits the return of her crusading father. Will he acknowledge his rustic, bandit daughter?

The King’s Spy

Arrogant knight extraordinaire, Sir Simon of Loxley returns to England as King Richard’s spy. Posing as a court jester, he encounters the formidable Princess Robin. Can such dominating personalities form an alliance? Will love overcome stubborn pride?

Filled with humor, adventure, color and romance, Princess Robin presents delightful twists to the beloved Sherwood tale. (Any historical accuracy is strictly coincidental.)