Saturday, March 6, 2010

Author Hang-outs

You might think from reading this blog that Princess Robin is my only book and my only project and you would be wrong.

Robin is a step into the Kindle world of publishing, but author Dana Taylor has been around...awhile. My first magazine article was published in the Ladies Home Journal in 1979. Echelon Press published my first book, Ain't Love Grand? in 2004 and there was always a lot of writing going on. Here are some places on the web to find more work:

Amazon Author Page (still under construction) for Dana Taylor author page

and my latest endeavor,

See you around,

Princess Robin at Amazon Free Excerpt at Scribd

Friday, March 5, 2010

Simon the Magnificent

One of the greatest joys of writing Robin was finding Simon's character. I was tired of reading "girly-men" heroes (to quote my governor). I wanted a supremely arrogant man; a man who takes his superiority for granted.

Simon emerged as a sort of Henry Higgins on testostorone. He truly believes women are the weaker, inferior sex. As I wrote dialog I remembered the Henry's lyrics from My Fair Lady:
On men:
"Why can't a woman be more like a man? Men are so honest, so thoroughly square.
Eternally noble; historically fair"
On women:
"Their heads are full cotton, hay and rags"

So we have this guy with a very established world view of meek women who now encounters a brave, strong woman-in-charge: Robin. At first he totally dismisses rumors of the intrepid Princess Robin. No woman could possibly exist! Upon meeting her, she presents a puzzle, a mystery and ultimately a challenge. Oh, yes, in Robin, Simon has met his match!

Doncha love those stories?

Princess Robin at

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This little speck

Hip-hip hooray, the Princess Robin Blog finally has a follower. Hello Mary!

When friends ask about "a new book coming out" they have no idea what it entails. The writing of a book is a creative adventure; the publishing and marketing of a book is a daunting challenge.

It's like going outside and shouting to the man on the moon. "Hello! I'm this little speck on planet earth. Can you hear me?"

Some days the effort hardly seems worth it, especially when my old writing buds are signing three-book deals for the Harlequin mill. The jealousy bug takes a little bite. But then, that is their path, not mine. I walked away from that.

So I shout and wave in cyberspace, "Buy my book. I promise, you'll love it."

I check the numbers at Amazon, selling one book at a time. Slowly it goes. At night, just as I drift off I wonder, "Is somebody enjoying Robin and Simon right now?"

They are too fun to let languish in obscurity. So, the marketing continues.