Friday, June 3, 2011

Princess Robin as Parody

It's taken some time for PRINCESS ROBIN to find her place in the categories of publishing. What type of book is it exactly? Historical romance? Well, sort of. Except that there is absolutely nothing historically correct about it. In fact, one customer reviewer was driven to the heights of 1-Star ranting. If history had gone as portrayed in my book, the Magna Carta would have never been signed and we'd all still be living as serfs. So, history buffs beware!

Let's set the record straight. PRINCESS ROBIN is a spoof, a valentine to my favorite old romances and movies. It was largely inspired by the earliest work of Julie Garwood and the colorful Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood.

PRINCESS ROBIN is a parody. It is an homage to medieval heroines turning the tables on burly arrogant heroes. It is also recalls technicolor chases through Sherwood Forest with the magnificent silver screen music heightening the emotions. Of course, the ending has to include a fight-to-the-finish duel between Sir Basil (named after actor Basil Rathbone) and my new hero, Sir Simon of Loxley.

I've moved PRINCESS ROBIN into the parody category at Amazon. I think she's finally found her place.

Dana Taylor