Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Robin in Me

Where did the scrappy character of Robin come from? Every writer has to search through their inner pantheon to cast their stories.

When I think of the inspiration for Robin, I remember a little only child in California circa 1962. She is watching her black and white television in her bedroom and her favorite show is coming on-- Disney's "Swamp Fox" with its fabulous theme song Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox tail on his hat...nobody knows where the Swamp Fox is at. She pretends a cheerleading baton is a sword and she fences her way around the room as the theme song plays. She is the heroic Swamp Fox!

A few decades later that fantasy morphed into the heroic Princess Robin, fighting for justice, leader of the downtrodden.

I think there's a bit of Robin in all of us. Amazon Page

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