Friday, January 1, 2010

The Susan Boyle of Publishing

I listened to the Susan Boyle CD while I fixed breakfast this New Years morning. Like the whole world I'd watched this brave, but shy, talented woman take center stage and bring a smile to Simon Cowell's face as the audience behind him roared. As I unwrapped the CD I was afraid the album would be a disappointment. Was Susan a one-song wonder? Had her handlers forced unsuited songs upon her?

"I Dreamed a Dream" is an inspiring joy, a mixture of Broadway, standards, and sacred. Susan is allowed to sing the songs from her heart, the story of her life through music. Disappointment, determination and faith all projected through a crystal-clear voice. She became the people's choice of 2009 because we all see ourselves in Susan Boyle.

I'd love to see Princess Robin become the Susan Boyle of publishing for 2010. The little book that the experts called too "old-fashioned"--not "hot" enough. A book the people loved anyway.

Happy New Year--

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